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Donate to our Generation 2020 fund

Our young people, our Generation 2020, need us now more than ever. This is why we are launching the Generation 2020 Fund to ensure we can continue to support our disadvantaged young people throughout the coronavirus crisis, however long it lasts

Our Generation 2020, is at a very crucial point in their life between education and work and at risk of becoming a ‘lost generation’ if we don’t act fast. This is particularly true for young people from non-privileged backgrounds that we know will suffer the most. With an unprecedented economic future ahead, those families in lower income and less secure jobs will be the hardest hit. 

The Generation 2020 Fund will help us create new content relevant to our new world, and provide our wide range of masterclasses, workshops and mentoring in digital formats. But this isn’t just about technology. What we do can’t be translated into an automatic algorithm; our success lies in the quality of our relationships and the bespoke approach we take. To remain true to what makes The Brokerage unique, we need to complement our new online offer with human interaction and expertise. Support us today, so we can help build the future the corporate world wants and our young people deserve.

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