Bilal Bhayat, incoming graduate at Citi

bilal bhayat

1. How did The Brokerage support you?

I secured my gap year internship at Beazley through The Brokerage. They helped me even before my first ever interview by giving me a mock interview and practice questions with some really useful tips which I used in the interview later that day. I was given pointers on how to phrase my answers using the STAR technique and other invaluable interview tips that I still use today!

2. Please tell us about your journey following graduation from secondary school.

My full-time role for my gap year at Beazley as a Corporate Development intern, really piqued my interest for a career within Finance. I was invited to work at Beazley part-time throughout my time at University in a number of different roles. This is where I became interested in Mergers & Acquisitions and capital raising, which is the field I currently work in now.

During my second-year summer of University, I interned at RBS within their Leveraged Finance team that facilitated financing for M&A transactions.

Reading Economics at Queen Mary was both an enjoyable and insightful experience. Having not studied Economics at GCSE or A-Level, it was challenging grasping abstract concepts at university level, however it was incredibly eye-opening to learn the mechanics of financial markets.

3. Please tell us about your upcoming role and what you are looking forward to?

This summer I will be interning within the Investment Banking division at Citi predominantly supporting companies in their M&A activity. I am really excited by the prospect of working with a wide variety of businesses, varying in sector, market dynamics and business models.

4. What impact has The Brokerage had on your career?

The impact has been life-changing, I remember at the start of my gap-year being very uncertain about the direction I wanted to take my career or even what to study at University. Through the support of The Brokerage providing opportunities such as the internship at Beazley, I was able to understand more about my interests and the skills I enjoyed exercising within a professional setting which ultimately led me to my current career.

5. What advice can you give to young people currently registered with The Brokerage?

I would say be open-minded to new opportunities and be curious! This is particularly important if you are in a position whereby you do not know what you want to do with your career.

  • The Brokerage is truly a life-changing organisation. I think I can confidently say that without The Brokerage I would not have begun a career in the insurance sector.

    Brokerage Mentee