Our Alumni

Find out how alumni can inspire our young people and support our corporate partners to become Changemakers.

Our Alumni

For nearly 25 years we have helped more than eighty thousand talented young people from disadvantaged backgrounds into professional jobs. Many of you are now working in senior positions in your career of choice in financial and professional services. You are the living proof that change is possible and your personal journey has given you a unique perspective of what needs to happen to fulfil The Brokerage’s vision of a world where a young person’s ability and aspiration alone determine their career path.

We would love to utilise your knowledge to help us create more systemic change, share your experience and showcase your success.

As champions for The Brokerage, help us to support and inspire the next generation of talent. Help us to support corporates in their efforts to do better by sharing your lived experience and becoming powerful advocates of change.

As an alumni member, you can join us to:

  • Become a role model to help our candidates fulfil their career potential by raising awareness of what is possible
  • Help us drive positive change in organisational practices behaviours by feeding into our consultancy making corporates more inclusive. Please contact Susheel Sharma (Susheel.sharma@thebrokerage.org.uk) to find out more.
  • Connect with us on social media  (FacebookTwitterInstagram and LinkedIn) to keep up to date and spread the work of The Brokerage
  • Enhance your personal and professional development through alumni volunteering opportunities.
  • Make a one-off/regular donation here.

To find out more or join our mailing list, please contact Katherine Garrett (katherine.garrett@thebrokerage.org.uk).

Read our Alumni Success Stories…

  • The Brokerage provide life changing opportunities. They enabled me to gain a firm foundation for personal growth and I’m still discovering ways The Brokerage inspired me.

    Brokerage Intern