Elevate Mentoring Programme Resources

Please use the links below to download resources for the elevate mentoring programme.

  1. Mentor Code of Conduct
  2. Mentor Briefing Pack
  3. Mentor Training
  4. Mentee training

Session content

  1. Setting smart goals (PDF | DOC)
  2. Personal SWOT analysis (PDF | DOC)
  3. Managing your time effectively (PDF | DOC)
  4. Developing Resilience (PDF | DOC)
  5. Creating a high impact CV ( PDF | DOC)
  6. Writing a cover letter (PDF | DOC)
  7. Creating an online brand (PDF | DOC)
  8. Preparing for an interview (PDF | DOC)
  9. Presentation skills content preparation (PDF | DOC)
  10. Presentation skills practice and delivery (PDF | DOC)
  11. A day in the life of a tech professional (PDF | DOC)
  12. What is technology? (PDF | DOC)
  13. Making the most of your time as an undergraduate (PDF | DOC)
  14. Mentoring action plan (PDF | DOC)
  • I saw a clear improvement in myself from the introduction to graduation of the mentoring programme as I was able to relax more and begin to enjoy networking.

    Brokerage Mentee