Building the future of young people

Fundraising for The Brokerage 

In October I’ll be skydiving to raise money for The Brokerage so they can continue their work in helping young Londoners.

The Brokerage offered numerous opportunities during my academic life. I was able to develop my soft skills through their Continuum Business Challenge through one-to-one mentoring with professionals from investment management company State Street.

I also secured my first internship through The Brokerage, and this gave me a significant advantage while searching for graduate roles.

I hope that more and more young people can benefit from the vast range of opportunities that there is on offer and that The Brokerage continues to do a fantastic job.

Any donation you can give will be appreciated! Thank you.

  • The Brokerage opened my eyes to a world of different opportunities that I could not have found on my own.

    Fast Track Candidate