Meet our Generation 2020 Ambassadors

This is The Brokerage Generation 2020 Ambassador Board. The board has been created to support us on the development of our Generation 2020 Academy and beyond; ensuring we continue to support you and your fellow students during this challenging period.

Our Ambassadors play a vital role in how we work with you and your fellow students moving forward. They play a leading role in shaping our current programmes, as well as the development of new ones, and helping us engage and communicate in the most effective and compelling way.

Sultan Adeshina 

My name is Sultan Adeshina.

The reason I chose to be a Generation 2020 Ambassador is that my aspirations for the future directly align with The Brokerage’s vision, "to live in a world where a young person’s ability and aspiration alone determine their career path". The belief of meritocracy that The Brokerage embodies, is the code I live my life by; that regardless of what background, ethnicity, race, gender, or creed I come from-success is undeniable.   

Nafizah Islam

My name is Nafizah Islam.

I chose to be a Generation 2020 Ambassador as I believe it is imperative that students have a voice in the future of the workforce. I am extremely passionate about social mobility and would love to be involved in contributing change and helping to shape the future workforce to benefit young people.

Stefan Nikolov 

My name is Stefan Nikolov.

What inspired me to apply for the post was the possibility of being able to act as a connection between disadvantaged students, who have not had the opportunity to access the world of work, and potential employers. As an Ambassador I would aim to attract an even more diverse range of students, who have the potential to achieve their dream career, to apply to The Brokerage’s schemes.  

Pamela Chirinos Montoya 

My name is Pamela Chirinos Montoya. 

I chose to be a Generation 2020 Ambassador because having been part of The Brokerage programme myself, I would like to have the opportunity to be apart of the process of helping The Brokerage help others like myself and make more students aware of the benefits it can bring. Helping the brokerage reach other students across London, that may not have easy access to opportunities that I was able to get from being apart of the programme, would be a rewarding experience. 

Aadil Sonvadi

My name is Aadil Sonvadi.

I am part of the Generation 2020 Ambassador Board. I applied to become an ambassador as I believe that every student should have equal opportunities and access to services regardless of their upbringing. Therefore, this role will allow me to represent fellow students and make their experience with The Brokerage worthwhile. During my time as an ambassador, I want to promote The Brokerage to as many schools across London, especially to those with disadvantaged students. 

Michaela Sey

My name is Michaela Sey.

I chose to become a Generation 2020 Ambassador to promote the good and inspiring work that The Brokerage does in providing employability skills to children from deprived areas. Having reaped from the benefits that The Brokerage offers students in sixth form such as attending CV workshops, visiting well established institutions and building a network with ambitious students, I would like to promote the organisation to other students by educating them on the opportunities available to them.

Afrin Moumita

My name is Afrin Moumita

Being an ambassador will be a completely new experience for me and I aim to develop my personal skills through this opportunity. I want to network and build strong relationships with numerous individuals within the financial services industry, as well as help my peers gain access to valuable opportunities. I also want to improve my public speaking skills during my time as an ambassador because it is a key transferrable skill to have.

Sharon Silver


Hello, I am Sharon Silver.

I chose to be a Generation 2020 Ambassador because I wanted to give back to The Brokerage for all the help they have provided me with during sixth form whilst helping other students gain similar opportunities. During my time as an ambassador, I would like to increase people’s awareness about who The Brokerage is and what they can offer. I would also like to help students make the most of this opportunity and help them reach their career goals. I aspire to become a software engineer after completing university, though I am still exploring alternative career paths.

Emily Emiru

My name is Emily Emiru.

I applied to be an ambassador because I'd like to give back. I've already had some great opportunities thanks to The Brokerage so now it's my turn to help out and improve things for those who will come after me. I hope to speak to as many young people as possible so I can really find out what they want to get out of events organised by the Brokerage so that they're more tailored to people's needs. 

Diana Hysenaj

My name is Diana Hysenaj.

I choose to be a Generation 2020 Ambassador so I can help shape fellow students’ experiences and help make a change by contributing my ideas. I hope to make an impact and inspire other students to get involved. I also hope to cultivate my skills and develop myself further. Throughout my role, I would like to continue volunteering and supporting charities that I am passionate about, while also, enhancing my knowledge of the different sectors. 

Brigette Mensah

    My name is Brigette Menash.

    I applied for the generation 2020 ambassador in order to engage with young 

    people through these challenging times and gain professional employability. During these tough times, I have received such a great support and advice from across The Brokerage team. For example, helping me with CVs, online mentoring and masterclasses; hence this would be a great opportunity for me to support the Brokerage programs and help young people during these difficult times.

    As an ambassador I would like to accomplish corporate insight, develop my professional and personal brand. I would also like to develop my leadership skills through this program.

    Yasmine Frimpong Manso

    My name is Yasmine Frimpong Manso. 

    I chose to be a Generation 2020 Ambassador as I wanted to collaborate with The Brokerage to show the variety of pathways into the city. I wanted to aid other students who feel as though there social background is a barrier between them and a professional career. As a Generation 2020 Ambassador, I hope to dispel many misconceptions about professionality and address the taboo around money. 

    Zi Rong Huang

    My name is Zi Rong Huang.

    I choose to be a Generation 2020 Ambassador to develop my skills in specific team working skills and leadership, which are mentioned in the job description for being an ambassador.
    I think teamworking skills will thoroughly help me a lot in the future. For example, in applying for internships or graduate jobs, this skill can be widely used, and the demand for it is high through the job description that I have read.

    Helin Topoglu

    My name is Helin Topoglu.

    I chose to be a Generation 2020 Ambassador because I want to help make the Brokerage more accessible for students all over London. I am passionate about the brilliant ideas I have for the student who are registered with The Brokerage. During my time as an ambassador I would like to develop my skills as a leader and would love to witness mine as well as the 2020 Generation Teams ideas come to life improving the services provided by The Brokerage.

    Patrick Ntiamoah

    My name is Patrick Ntiamoah. 

    I chose to be a Generation 2020 Ambassador because it would give me one of the best opportunities to give back to an organisation, which has given me so much and developed me as an individual through the various programmes such as mock assessment centres, insight days, etc. through ensuring that a greater number of students benefit from the programmes and therefore raising more future leaders within the industry.

    Additionally, this would give me the opportunity to work with like-minded students to provide positive outcomes while also providing me with the platform for personal development which will aid me in the long-term.

    Zobia Rashid

    My name is Zobia Rashid. 

    The Brokerage’s dedication to provide experience to young people struck me in particular and the role of a Generation 2020 Ambassador seems like a great fit in terms of me being able to provide valuable insights and expertise while working for a brand that creates opportunities for disadvantaged pupils. The Brokerage’s mission to raise aspirations, create access and achieve diversity really resonated with me and I believe the responsibilities fit really well with what I enjoy doing.

    As an ambassador I hope to raise the profile of social mobility and fair access within the corporate world. I am looking forward to developing programmes for the Generation 2020 Academy and helping young people achieve their career potential by providing mentoring, masterclasses, one to one support and much more.