Graduation for Generation 2020 Academy

Graduation for Generation 2020 Academy

After the success of our Generation 2020 Fund as a response to COVID-19 and five very busy weeks of development, we were able to launch Generation 2020 Academy, an integrated digital programme to help inspire and support hundreds of the most disadvantaged, talented young people in our community to gain skills for the post-COVID world.

Our Generation 2020 students attended webinars, took part in virtual mentoring programmes and bootcamps.


One of our students said, ‘The amazing opportunities The Brokerage continue to provide during these times make such an impact to my life, I will make sure I make the most of it’ Alex, The Brokerage candidate.

After much hard work and engagement from our young people and corporate volunteers and sponsors, our students are ready to graduate!

We’re hosting a graduation event on Friday 2 October at 4:30pm to say thank you to all the young people and corporate volunteers and sponsors involved. We’ll be meeting for 45 minutes on Zoom to graduate each of our young people and say thank you to everyone who has made this possible.

If you were involved, you can sign up here.

Our graduation took place and you can watch the video below.


  • Just wanted to let know the online mentoring sessions have been amazing and it’s been very helpful so far. Also, I wanted to thank you for setting this programme up! It’s honestly been great and I’m very thankful you’ve been able to help me and others ease into this program the way you have.

    Waseem, YP Online Mentee