Mentors and mentees pair up for Lloyd’s Community Programme’s IntoWork mentoring programme

When our candidates hear the word insurance they think, car insurance, phone insurance or maybe pet insurance. They don’t necessarily consider insurance as a career option.

We’re always excited to teach young people about the various financial and professional services sectors, showcasing all the fantastic careers that people had perhaps ruled out based on stereotypes or just hadn’t heard of! What better way to learn about the insurance sector than by working one-to-one with someone working in the Lloyd’s insurance market?

As we launch the 2018 Lloyd’s Community Programme’s IntoWork mentoring programme, we can’t wait to hear from what the mentees have learnt about the insurance sector and the skills employers are looking for.


Through structured mentoring meetings, our candidates are able to build on their professional skills and transfer the knowledge they’ve gained in the classroom to the workplace. This journey will give them the support they need to take the next step towards their future career.

Bright and eager to learn, we wish our mentees good luck as they begin their mentoring journey.

We’ll see them all together again in September for the graduation event!

Read about the ways to work with us.


  • I have learned to adapt my approach with differing individuals based on their learning style or how how they prefer to grasp understanding of something new.

    Brokerage Mentor