Policy & research
Highlighted below is some of the current policy and research into careers advice, employability and social mobility which is relevant to our work with schools, employers and recruiters.  

Whether you are a teacher or a careers adviser in a school or college or HR manager in a company, research and policy is being published regularly to highlight how young people benefit enormously from exposure to information and experiences about different jobs. Employer and employee engagement with students is vital for effective and high quality experiences.

Our work with young people enables many to access high quality employment opportunities by helping them to get a 'foot in the door', and compete equally for the kind of jobs available in the City – banking, insurance, law, accountancy and consultancy - traditionally secured by their more advantaged peers.


London Ambitions: shaping a successful careers offer for all young Londoners - London Councils, London Enterprise Panel & Mayor of London, June 2015 

We are fully signed up to this agenda from London Councils and all our programmes carry the London Ambitions logo 

Careers guidance and inspiration in schools - Statutory guidance from the Department for Education, March 2015 

Remember the young ones - Improving career opportunities for Britain’s young people – IPPR, August 2014

Good Career Guidance - The Gatsby Foundation

The Gatsby benchmarks - where The Brokerage has been working for many years: • Linking curriculum learning to careers • Encounters with employers and employees • Experiences of workplaces


Not just making tea…reinventing work experience - UK Commission for Employment and Skills

“Work experience is also crucial for young people. Young people with 4 or more work experience-type activities under their belt are 5 times less likely to be not in education, employment or training.”

Employability skills: A research and policy briefing - UK Commission for Employment and Skills, March 2010

Top 10 Employability Skills - STEMNET

Employers are from mars, young people are from venus: addressing the young people/jobs mismatch - CIPD, April 2013

Social Mobility

Destiny should not be determined by Demography: Building alignment between the classroom and the boardroom - Business in the Community, November 2015

New research on the impact of partnership between schools and businesses. “Making a difference at primary schools can transform possibilities for young people.” Paul Drechsler, President, CBI

The Mobility Manifesto - The Sutton Trust, 2015

“Careers advice is even more important for young people from less advantaged backgrounds, as they may not have access to networks of graduates and professionals, and so may not be aware of options available to ‘people like them’.“

Advancing ambitions: the role of career guidance in supporting social mobility - The Sutton Trust, October 2014

A qualitative evaluation of non-academic barriers to the elite professions - Social Mobility & Child Poverty Commission, June 2015 

Lessons from London schools for attainment gaps and social mobility - Social Mobility & Child Poverty Commission, June 2014 


Overall, we've worked with over 125 companies to help fill their school leaver, apprenticeship and graduate roles

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3,585 hours of volunteering were provided by our corporate partners in 2016

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