Mock Assessment Centres

Our mock assessment centre workshops provide a fantastic opportunity for sixth form students to gain an understanding of the tasks they may face during the recruitment process when applying for a job.

The workshops take place at businesses in the City and Canary Wharf, giving students an opportunity to experience these tasks in a professional setting.

Mock assessment in progress

Throughout the session, students participate in psychometric tests, case studies, group tasks and presentations and mock interviews with employees at the host firm.

Students receive continuous feedback throughout the session, as well as individual feedback from employees after their mock interview, helping them to develop their skills and confidence.

Mock assessment in progress

As part of the session, the students are able to informally interview the employees at the host company – a great chance for them to ask relevant questions about their careers, responsibilities and experiences. Our employee volunteers have a range of experiences, which really highlights the many career routes available to the students.

These workshops are suited to academically able sixth form students.

Teachers said:
The session provided a good outline of what to expect at an assessment centre with very good feedback. All elements were extremely useful.

The mock assessment centre workshop has given students a fantastic insight into what to expect when applying for a role. Your feedback was great – it is important that students understand some of the pitfalls and become more aware of how they present themselves, before taking part in the real thing. The workshop gave them the opportunity to experience this in a supportive environment.

If you're a teacher, please register your interest for workshop opportunities for students in Years 12 & 13. 

If you're a student, please see our opportunities page.

These sessions are available thanks to funding from UBS.