Mohammed Altab, incoming graduate at Deutsche


1. How did The Brokerage support you?

Following my registration as a registered candidate at The Brokerage, I received multiple opportunities to learn more about roles available in the City. One such opportunity was the Lloyd’s IntoWork conference, where I was able to learn about a typical application process for a graduate role. Throughout the day, we worked on many aspects of an application, such as the online tests and interviews. Having attended the conference, I felt a lot more confident about applications for student internships.

2. Please tell us about your journey following graduation from secondary school with dates for each role.

After completing sixth form, I took a gap year to gain more experience in the City. For the first 6 months, I worked as a Market Research Analyst at Plan-Net, an IT firm. This was followed with an 8-week internship at OpCapita, a private equity firm. The following September, I started at LSE, studying BSc Geography with Economics.

3. Please tell us about your upcoming role and what you are looking forward to?

During my first year, I completed a spring week at Deutsche Bank and received a return offer for an Investment Banking summer internship for the following year. Through the summer internship, I secured a full-time offer to join the Natural Resources Group as an Investment Banking Analyst at Deutsche.

4. What impact has The Brokerage had on your career?

The Brokerage instilled the confidence within me, through their masterclasses and workshops. Furthermore, I was able to build a strong student network across various universities in the UK. Using this support network, I was able to make high quality applications for internship and graduate roles.

5. What advice can you give to young people currently registered with The Brokerage?

Just apply: Don’t waste time as most companies operate on a rolling basis which means they look at applications on a first come first serve basis. Some companies open their graduate applications in August, so there is no time to waste.

Commercial awareness: Build your industry knowledge as this will help you formulate high-quality applications. This is also very important for interviews. I recommend the following resources e.g. Bloomberg TV, The Financial Times, Finimize and The Market Mogul, to build up commercial acumen and business knowledge.

Be proactive: Attend as many networking and insight days as possible as this will stand out in your application; especially specific events hosted by firms you are applying to. Speak to HR, ask good questions and get your name out there!

  • I signed up with The Brokerage and attended a number of workshops which helped me to practice interview skills, improve my CV and prepare for online tests that can often be found in most application processes.

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