My first week as a Research Consultant

Day one of my internship

Wow! What a great first day it has been on my internship at HFG.

I’m currently working as a Research Consultant at specialist insurance recruitment firm HFG, a role I have secured through The Brokerage’s Summer Placement Programme.

The team I have been assigned to work mainly in underwriting recruitment. It’s definitely a step into the unknown for me as I have little knowledge about the world of insurance recruitment. The rest of my colleagues are all super friendly and welcoming, so I was able to settle in very quickly and easily, despite the fact I have little experience in such an environment.

The office has a cosy and relaxing feel to it, so I am looking forward to what the next eight weeks have in store for me!

Week one of my internship

Wow! What a week it has been here at HFG. I’ve surprised myself with how much I’ve learnt in my first week.

I’ve learnt how to use a new software, which is essential for recruitment firms to record the details of potential candidates they can place in new jobs. Once I familiarised myself with the software, I was able to do some data cleansing. This involves analysing the data on the software to ensure it is up to date and correct. This definitely improved my analytical skills, as well as my attention to detail. Checking such data thoroughly ensures that my colleagues at HFG can proceed with what they need to do without complications or errors.

Feyi on placement at HFG

After mastering data cleansing I was then challenged with a headhunting task. This process required me to source potential candidates for job positions that my colleagues have to offer.

Headhunting is the beginning of the recruitment process, therefore it is crucial I build a good rapport with the potential candidates I speak to. This was done via telephone, which initially seemed nerve racking. However, I overcame my fears after my first call and went on to speak with eight potential candidates. I couldn’t have done it without the help of my colleagues, so thanks to them.

I’m ready for my second week!

Written by Feyi Falese, intern at HFG through The Summer Placement Programme.

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