Working in the City Annual Report 10/11
05 Apr 11

Executive Summary

The 2010/11 programme has expanded on the achievement of previous programmes with more workshops, more students and more schools than ever before. The Brokerage has now been working with young people for 11 years, since Working in the City was established in 2000.The team were able to run a total of 262 workshops, events and in-school sessions, and engaged with a total of 5978 young people.  This total includes 173 workshops hosted by companies and institutions in the City, Canary Wharf and the West End, giving 2965 young people first-hand experience of the business and financial services sectors.Students from 92 inner London schools and colleges took part in our programmes, with 73 of those able to bring students out of the classroom to participate in a workplace visit. We engaged with just under 50% of all the state schools and
colleges in the 13 London boroughs eligible to participate.

50 companies and institutions supported our programmes by providing rooms, volunteers and/or funding. In total, volunteers
contributed 790 hours of their time to our workshops. The biggest change for this year was the greater focus on the City Careers Open House programme. This ambitious workshop initiative, run by us on behalf of the City of London Corporation, aims to bring around 3,000 young people into the City over two years. The first sessions took place during 09/10, but this year we have intensified the resources and corporate support we target at the programme.

The small reduction in the number of core Working in the City workshops was more than compensated for by the increase in events for other programmes. Indeed, the large number of students taking part in each City Careers Open House meant that the total number of participants able to experience our workshops has increased by 30%.

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Overall, we've worked with over 125 companies to help fill their school leaver, apprenticeship and graduate roles

BAME backgrounds

91% of candidates joining us last year were from BAME backgrounds

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