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07 Oct 11
My work takes me into many schools right across London and I think that David Levin raises some good points, although I think that London is far from sleepwalking into apartheid.

Stepney Green Maths and Computer College is certainly not the only culturally homogeneous school in Tower Hamlets, nor in London, but both this school and many others like it do an amazingly good job; they are a joy to work with and a pleasure to visit. The cultural makeup of their students is simply reflective of the local demography.

I think that the most important point that Mr Levin raises is the blinkered worldview of many young Londoners and the unfortunate consequences this can have. My organisation, The Brokerage Citylink, brings thousands of students out of the classroom and into some of the biggest companies in the Square Mile and Canary Wharf. Many of the teachers that accompany the students tell us that the greatest benefit of these trips is, perhaps surprisingly, not the chance to actually see inside the ivory towers of the City, nor is it the practical employability advice and the inspiring meetings with successful professionals. The best thing about the trips is showing them a world outside their local neighbourhood and allowing them to meet other young people from a totally different part of London. Unbelievably, for some of our participants it is the first time they have been on the Tube, despite living in London their whole lives.

Introducing a group of 15 year olds from a Maida Vale school to another group from Norwood, as I look forward to doing next Monday in an investment bank boardroom, is beneficial not just for the young people themselves, but for London as a whole.

Thanks to obiquitous public transport and social networks, our sprawling city can often seem quite small. But for too many young people, London is just a few streets wide.

Graham Hopgood, The Brokerage Citylink
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