Work Experience Blog: Caitlin, Year 10 at Bexley Grammar School
23 Oct 14

Caitlin joined us for a week from Bexley Grammar School, and has spent the week completing office-based projects and visiting companies with our schools team.

On my first day of work experience I went to UBS with Kayleigh and Vanessa who were running a Working in the City workshop with students from 2 different schools in London.

They explained what a City worker was like and what the four main sectors in the City are, which are Banking, Insurance, Accounting and Corporate Law. Then the students were put into 5 groups and some volunteers who worked at UBS came and explained to us what their role was in the company and the students were able to ask the helpful volunteers all about their job. I learnt some interesting facts while at the workshop – like how 350,000 people work in the City and that the average age of a city worker is between 25 and 30!

On Tuesday I got to go with Talia and Rosa to Legal and General for another workshop. This time it was a City Careers Open House workshop. They explained to the students what Legal and General were all about. Legal and General are an insurance company but we were at their investment house. We were also lucky enough to have some people that worked at Legal and General volunteer to take us on a tour of Legal and General and answer any questions we had about their role in the company or the company in general.

Our volunteer was a women who worked in Client Relations where she had to talk to people who wanted to know how their investments were going, what was happening with their pensions, etc. Our first stop was the cafeteria on the first floor. She explained to us how their cafeteria was used for some informal meetings or for people who didn’t want to go out of the office to get lunch. Our second stop of the tour was the IT department and the printer room. Our volunteer told us how the people working in the IT department were very important as if their software went down then their credibility would also go down as they wouldn’t be able to control their investments or see what was happening around the world.

We also got to go to the print room where they have a printer that prints 72 A4 pages a minute in full colour!

Our final stop was the Trading Floor. Here we got to see the traders hard at work making sure they invest in the right thing and making sure they don’t lose any of their clients’ money.

After the tour the students had to create an advertisement and a presentation for a certain job with the help from all the volunteers.

I have only been at the Brokerage for three days but I have had an amazing experience so far and I’m sure the rest of the week will be just as great.

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