Alumni Anne Ho raises £1,640 for The Brokerage by running the Virgin London Marathon
15 Jun 15

Anne presented a cheque representing some of her donations to Bridget Gardiner, The Brokerage's executive director, and we celebrated with her over tea and cake presenting her with a thank you card from all of us.

Speaking to Anne, we asked her some questions about her rationale for applying for a place to do the London Marathon, and how she trained.

What inspired you to do the marathon?

There are possibly many reasons why I wanted to run the marathon! Growing up and watching the runners take on the riveting streets of London come rain or shine I was inspired to be part of this big sporting event one day and make a history of my own. Having decided to start running a couple of years ago, I knew that the training and races will contribute to helping me run the marathon someday! Running can be for anyone no matter you are, where you are from and what experience you have. Running to me is about pushing your limits and eliminating those limits!

How did you train?

Well, I started by training by downloading a training program on my running app – designed to build up on the foundations and develop my strength, speed and endurance for the coming weeks. I also attended running workshops to meet experienced and inexperienced marathon runners, which were great to grab tips advice and guidance ranging from how to prevent injuries, stay fuelled and hydrated to how to keep yourself motivated on longer runs. I incorporated my running with yoga, circuit training, ascending up and down the 14 flights of stairs at my workplace, as well as, attending organised running events to meet the training requirements. There was simply no excuse not to keep active!

How hard was the experience?

Must admit I was terribly nervous whether or not I was going to see the finishing line! It was incredibly uplifting to run around the route and have the crowd cheer you on - found myself welling up on numerous occasions! Just when small doubts began to creep into my mind, someone would call out “Go on Anne!” and it was the best feeling ever. I think everyone would agree that no matter how tired your legs feel, you find that one last blast of energy, with the crowd behind you. The experience has been incredible and has spurred me on to improve myself as a runner and it’s certainly not the last race you’ll see me in.

How did you feel about fundraising at the 11th hour for The Brokerage?

When I was approached a couple of weeks before the Marathon to help fundraise for the Brokerage, butterflies from nowhere were fluttering around in my tums! Lol. It did not take me long after to consider helping a charity that has helped me and many other young people find opportunities growing up on the fringe of the City and Canary wharf. I admire the work they do and if raising funds will allow the Brokerage to continue and deliver their cause then I am behind them 100% ! Thank you for the opportunity and seriously keep up the great work!


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