Nazim Uddin found his dream job at Rothschild thanks to the Brokerage
19 Nov 15

Rothschild has employed school leavers in a number of different business areas in the business, including HR, Corporate Responsibility and Wealth Management.

Nazim has been working in our Wealth Management Division as a Client Onboarding Trainee since July 2014, fresh from Sixth Form College. In June this year, he was promoted to Junior Staff. We caught up with him and his line manager – Natalie Hill – to find out how it’s going.

Natalie - What does the Client Onboarding role involve?

It’s a new role in a new team and involves inputting new client data onto our database. Nazim is responsible for scanning and vaulting client documents and he is beginning to play a role in reviewing the documentation when we first receive it from the client teams. This involves checking due diligence, running AML searches and running a completeness check. Nazim has also helped out with larger data management projects for Front Office Support and the Management team.

“We identified that the most important skills for the junior team member were not academic criteria or industry experience but a positive and dedicated approach, great attention to detail and a willingness to learn.”

What made you decide to recruit a school leaver for this role, as opposed to a graduate?

The role involves a lot of admin work and we wanted someone who would have a positive attitude towards this and have good motivation and focus. We were also keen that the role would have a lot of room for further development and so a school leaver candidate was ideal.

When we created the new team that Nazim is part of we identified that the most important skills for the junior team member were not academic criteria or industry experience but a positive and dedicated approach, great attention to detail and a willingness to learn. Furthermore, in this particular team there is a clear opportunity to progress by developing industry knowledge and applying that knowledge with practical decision making skills. We felt that after three years in the role a school leaver could meet or exceed the ability of a graduate and take the next step in their career.

Nazim, please tell us a little bit about yourself…

I am 19 years old and grew up and continue to live in Tower Hamlets, East London. Despite huge improvements in school performance in recent years, Tower Hamlets still has high levels of unemployment, low-incomes, and income inequality, and has the highest levels of child poverty in the UK. However, I did well at school – I got 9 GCSE’s grade A* - C and then went on to Sixth Form at City and Islington College to study Government & Politics, English Literature, Religious Studies and Media Studies.

What made you decide to go straight into work instead of to university?

I had university offers from Goldsmiths, Greenwich, Westminster, and Queen Mary to study Politics, but the job at Rothschild seemed like an opportunity that would enable me to grow in the quickest and most effective way, and offer me the greatest stability. I felt ready to enter the world of work and favoured this over the prospect of being one of the many thousands of graduates we hear about who are not able find a job after graduating. I thought about the long term, and for me the priority was to get onto the career ladder as early as possible.

Tell us about how you got the job at Rothschild…

I first heard of Rothschild when I attended a CV, Interview and Networking Practice Workshop, hosted by the 2013 new graduates, which was part of their introduction to Rothschild in the Community. I never imagined that the advice I received on that day about how to structure my CV and the power of networking would be the very same skills that would land me a job within the company that left me in awe as a 17 year old. Seeing New Court and spending time with the volunteers most certainly contributed to my aspirations, so when I saw there was a job opportunity available, advertised through The Brokerage Citylink, I jumped at the chance to apply.

The role seemed different to other school-leaver roles I’d seen in that it was a permanent position in a growing team and it had a really clear route for development. It was a role that I would have assumed would only be available to a graduate, but I got the opportunity three years earlier.

I had to do numerical tests to get the job here which I found rather straightforward; it was the interview process that worried me. It was my first ever real interview so I felt really nervous, but I was so determined and knew that if I could remain calm and confident, I’d succeed. I’m very proud to be the youngest person working at Rothschild.

How has Nazim settled in?

Nazim has fitted into the team and into RWM very well. He is now becoming more confident in engaging with members of other teams in the office and is currently working with the client teams directly on a small project that he is responsible for. I was perhaps concerned at the outset that he might struggle to find common ground with other colleagues due to the difference in age and work experience but this really has not been a problem at all.

What surprised me most about Nazim is his maturity and his ability to pick up on new processes very quickly, and his natural IT capabilities. He is a real asset to the team. I can really rely on him to complete his work accurately and efficiently and he is very good at asking questions when he is not sure and also picking up on things which seem out of the ordinary. And of course he is a pleasure to work with!

“I thought about the long term, and for me the priority was to get onto the career ladder as early as possible.”

Nazim, what next?

I know I have a long way to go and a lot to achieve – I’m only a youngster, but I see where I am now as the start of an ambitious career. I am aware that nothing comes easily and whilst there are opportunities for me to grow here, I have to work my hardest to develop the skills needed to help me progress from one level to the next. All I know right now is that I want to climb the ranks in my team and have a career at Rothschild.


Rothschild - Corporate Responsibility Report 2014-15

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