House of Lords Select Committee on Social Mobility report
11 Apr 16

Overlooked and left behind: improving the transition from school to work for the majority of young people

The Brokerage submitted evidence to this House of Lords Select Committee enquiry in September 2015 and we were delighted to see so much coverage of the committee's final report, published on 8 April 2016, in the media raising issues of social mobility, careers education and opportunities for young school leavers.

The report is about young people and social mobility, and focuses on how to ensure that all young people are offered a high quality career path after they leave school. Of course, this is what the Brokerage has been committed to delivering since we were established in 1996.

We focused on telling the committee about the areas we know best - the importance of bringing young people out of the classroom into workplaces, informing them of the wide range of career opportunities that exist in different businesses, making links between schools and businesses, but also the relevance of education and employability.

We were pleased to find references throughout the report from our submission, and look forward to working with other organisations mentioned to push the government to deliver on necessary reforms, to ensure this group of young people - not NEETS or off to university - get the career advice and opportunities they deserve in life. 



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