Graduation event for our Career-Start mentoring programme funded by Peter Cruddas Foundation
19 Apr 16

This week we celebrated the conclusion of another successful mentoring programme, Career-Start.

The programme was designed specifically for school-leavers and apprentices who started working in autumn 2015. They were mentored by Brokerage alumni who were school-leaver or apprentice candidates themselves.

We were able to deliver this new and pilot programme in 2015/16 thanks to funding from the Peter Cruddas Foundation.

Peter Cruddas, chief executive of CMC Markets and founder of the Peter Cruddas Foundation, hosted a closing event at his company's headquarters to celebrate the programme's success.

We welcomed the eleven mentees and eleven mentors to network, share experiences and highlight the positive benefits that the mentoring programme delivered - helping the new employees to succeed in their profession, develop their career and themselves to make the most of their potential. Mentors and mentees were carefully selected and matched to ensure maximum understanding of the roles, industries (banking/insurance) and personalities, which seems to have worked across the board.

Feedback from mentees and mentors includes:

"The mentoring scheme is going great for me – my mentor and I get on really well and I come out of each session learning something new. My mentor's advice is really beneficial and reviewing the resilience questionnaire together was really valuable." Mentee

"I've found the meetings very helpful. I have learnt a lot more about the way my job and industry works, the importance of skills such as networking and how I can prepare effectively for the future." Mentee

"All in all, I think this scheme has been very successful for me!" Mentee

"I have seen a tremendous improvement in my mentee's professionalism since our first meeting, and it seems like she is doing well in the day job." Mentor

"I’ve given some advice about networking, gaining exposure with management, improving feedback with her manager, etc." Mentor 


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