Mentoring programme, Momentum, begins its 3rd year
14 Jun 16

On Thursday 9th June, we held a launch event for the 2016 Momentum programme, in partnership with City and State Street. Now in its third year, the mentoring programme is aimed at female undergraduates who are looking to pursue a career in finance.

Momentum 2016 launch event
There was plenty of excitement in the room as candidates on the programme were introduced to and paired with their mentor. The mentors and mentees will meet up over the next 12 weeks to cover the necessary skills needed to gain employment in their chosen profession. They will explore CV writing, interviewing and public speaking, as well as personal development skills.

Once the mentoring sessions have been completed, each candidate on the programme will develop a presentation, where they have the opportunity to showcase the skills they’ve learnt. Citi and State Street will offer the two winning presenters with a paid internship each.

Momentum 2016 launch event
Former mentee, Suraiya Hussain, delivered an inspiring speech at the launch event to share her memories and journey of the 2014 Momentum programme. Suraiya acted as a brilliant role model for those candidates in the room about to begin their own journey. Not only did Suraiya undertake her internship at Citi last summer, but she will be joining the bank in September on their Sales and Trading graduate scheme.

The mentors themselves will be monitored by a senior managing director-level representative from the other firm, making this a two-tiered mentoring programme.

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