Brokerage alumni members take to the sky
19 Aug 16

In August, two of our alumni members, Chelcie and Ime, took part in a charity skydive as part of our 20th anniversary challenge fundraising activities. They wanted to raise much-needed funds for The Brokerage and show their appreciation for the support they received through the City of London Business Traineeship (CBT) programme.

Ime's skydive

Feeling a little nervous, the two former CBT candidates signed up to do a tandem skydive at Cambridgeshire Airfield. It was a very early start but, speaking to Ime and Chelcie afterwards, it seems they thoroughly enjoyed it!

I wanted to do something to give back to The Brokerage for all the support and opportunities they’ve given me over the years. When the opportunity to do a Skydive came up, I jumped at it as a chance to challenge myself to do something different and I’m glad I did – it was an amazing and terrifying experience! I’m so grateful for everything The Brokerage has done for me and to everyone who has supported my fundraising.’ Chelcie

Ime's skydive

Being a bit of a thrill seeker and having skydived before, completing a jump to fundraise for The Brokerage made perfect sense. Chelcie and I received a huge amount of support and raised a lot of money we know will be put to good use helping young people who used to be where we were a few years ago. The experience was indescribable and I particularly enjoyed the freefall. I’m quite pleased I didn’t yell any profanities on the way down this time..Ime

They’ve both had fantastic support from their friends, family and colleagues and between them have raised £1,630.23! 

Your money will help The Brokerage to provide more young people from disadvantaged backgrounds with experiences of work, employability skills and jobs.

A massive well done and thank you to Ime and Chelcie.

If you'd like to do a skydive, or do something else, to raise money for us, please email Joanne. For inspiration, take a look at our fundraising page!


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