Inside Insurance; a day in the life of an intern
24 Aug 16

My nine-week placement with Marsh, a global leader in insurance broking and risk management, has been one to remember. The experience I have undertaken has been one of the best experiences I have had in a corporate environment. Marsh is a huge company, with offices around the world in countries that I didn’t think the sector would have an interest in, but I guess that’s what makes Marsh so successful and competitive.

During my placement, I have been in the international property team within Bowring Marsh, Marsh's dedicated, specialist international placement broker. I am really pleased to have been placed in this team, as soon as I met the whole team I felt comfortable straight away. Everyone in Marsh is extremely nice, which at first I found quiet scary, however, that’s just the personality and atmosphere within Marsh as it is very positive.

Marsh is located near the Tower of London and from my desk the view is great as I can see the Tower Bridge. It is nice to see big boats sailing past as the bridge opens every once in a while.

The insurance industry is one that I didn’t know much about but I was keen to dig deeper. Gaining an internship at Marsh was the perfect opportunity to do this. I had a lot to learn in terms of how processes work and the ”Marsh” way of doing things.

City view

I had the experience to witness how brokers place risks. This job requires key communication skills. The more underwriters you meet the easier your life is as a broker. Broking requires good negotiation techniques in order to present the risk to the underwriter to gain his/her willingness to insure it. I learnt how big the Lloyd’s market is ― it literally is a ”market” for underwriters and brokers to negotiate terms and conditions. My managers actually organised a morning for me to sit next to an underwriter at Lloyd’s in order to understand the industry and learn more about the role of an underwriter, which was a real eye opener!

One of my favourite aspects of the job is the constant communication and teamwork that is required which makes the job more enjoyable. I really enjoyed my job role and had some interesting projects and helping out others in the team. During this experience I realised how big a part my skills, such as using Microsoft Excel and time management, came into play. At times I was able to offer help when my colleagues experiences difficulties with software programs, which boosted my confidence and made me feel like a valuable member of the team. Moreover, the skills that I have developed during the internship have been remarkable; not only professional skills but also networking, which is a crucial element in a person’s life.

Some weeks I barely spend at my desk as I am either in the market with my colleagues or working on a project with my team. Before you know it the day has flown past. At Marsh, my team is like a family as they do activities together outside of work hours and socialise, which is great!

Overall, I think I have learnt that experience is key and working at Marsh has changed my perspective of working in the City and I now feel inspired and motivated. I am very thankful for opportunity that the Brokerage team and Marsh have given me.

Blog by Aminul Hoque, 2016 Brokerage intern

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