I’ll be running the Vitality 10k along the streets of London at the end of May raising money for The Brokerage.

I’m running for two reasons:

a) I will be able to drop into every conversation I have in the month of May: “Oh I’m in a race with Mo Farah this month.

b) To help The Brokerage. The Brokerage is an amazing charity that believes that every young person should have the career path they merit – based on their ability and aspiration (not their background, what school they went to or didn’t go to or anything else).

The Brokerage help young people from over 200 of London’s state schools spanning the capital. 

The charity does three things:

  • Works to raise aspirations amongst young people about what they can achieve and where they can work.
  • Creates access for non-advantaged Londoners, helping them begin their careers in financial, professional and related services.
  • Helps increase social mobility and diversity in the workplace by working with London businesses.

It’s simple:

I’m only doing one thing – a bit of a run (with Mo Farah…did I mention that?)

I only want you to do one thing… shell out a bit of your cash!

The Brokerage does all the rest…  and along the way manages to help thousands of young people.



  • I’d like to thank you for giving students the opportunity to take part in the schools essay competition. It was an enriching experience for all participants.