You can download your mentoring resources from the following links. Each resource is available as a pdf and as word document. Please click on the file type (pdf or doc) that is most useful to you. 

  1. Setting SMART goals (pdf | doc)
  2. SWOT Analysis (pdf | doc)
  3. Time management (Covey’s Matrix) (pdf | doc)
  4. Developing resilience (pdf | doc)
  5. CV writing (pdf | doc)
  6. Cover letter writing (pdf | doc)
  7. Personal brand and LinkedIn (pdf | doc)
  8. Interview skills (pdf | doc)
  9. Making the most of your time as an undergraduate (pdf | doc)
  10. A day in the life of a financial services professional (pdf | doc)
  11. What is insurance? (pdf | doc)
  12. What is banking? (pdf | doc)
  13. What is law? (pdf | doc)

You can also download the mentor training slides here

The mentor code of conduct is here