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We help young state-educated Londoners to achieve their career potential through providing experiences of work, employability skills and jobs.


Sixth formers and undergraduates can register with The Brokerage to access unique and exclusive opportunities, including workshops, events, internships and job opportunities. 

The Brokerage team will also work with you to ensure your CV and interviews skills are up to the high standards of recruiters, and provide advice and assistance where you need it.

You must:

  • Attend or have attended a state school or college in London
  • Be eligible to work in the UK

Please note that some individual opportunities and programmes that we offer have additional criteria, including geographic restrictions or minimum academic requirements.

Working in the City workshop

How to register with The Brokerage

  1. Visit our sign up section and enter your personal details. Make sure that these are accurate as you will be required to provide evidence at a later stage.
  2. Book a registration appointment with The Brokerage. Look out for an email inviting you to book a registration appointment with the team. We need to meet you in person for you to have full access to all of our opportunities, including paid internships and jobs.
  3. Attend your registration appointment at The Brokerage. In this session we will find out a little bit about you, discuss the opportunities you are looking for, and inform you about what we can offer.

Once you have completed these three steps you will start receiving invitations to workshops, events, be able to apply for different opportunities, and receive guidance and support from The Brokerage team. 

Click here to sign up!

City of London Business Traineeship briefing event

Why register with The Brokerage?

  • Work with our expert team that has years of experience connecting young people with careers in the financial and professional services.
  • Access opportunities that are exclusive to Brokerage candidates, including apprenticeships and school leaver programmes. 
  • Gain bespoke advice and feedback before, during and after your applications
  • Attend networking events, career masterclasses and insight days

Who cannot register with The Brokerage?

Unfortunately, the following are not able to register with The Brokerage:

  • Those in Year 11 or younger - but talk to your teacher about getting your school involved in our workshops!
  • Graduates and adult jobseekers - we don’t have capacity to register new candidates in these age groups
  • Those who have not attended a state school in London - but you can still explore the City.

Disclaimer and privacy:

- The Brokerage Citylink is a registered charity (number 1059173)
- All contact details, information and personal documents provided by candidates will be only used and stored by The Brokerage Citylink, and never given to anyone else without prior permission. Anonymised demographic    information will be used for reporting purposes.
- Candidates can request to unsubscribe from The Brokerage's communications at any time, requests can be made by email, telephone or post.
- Full Child Safeguarding and Protection, Data Protection and Health & Safety policies are available on request. All Brokerage staff undertake full DBS checks.
- The Brokerage Citylink reserves the right to discontinue working with any candidate at any time, under their own discretion and without prior notice.
- Candidates will be required to read and sign a full undertaking agreement when they register in person.

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