Once registered with us, you’ll gain access to an array of opportunities and events that will enable you to develop your skills and knowledge, helping you to become work-ready. Here’s some of things you can look forward to:

Insight days

Get the inside track on what happens inside top companies across London’s financial districts. Our insight days are a great way for you to gain a real understanding of a specific profession. You’ll have a taster of what really happens inside different organisations – an ideal opportunity to find out if the business is a good fit for you.



We hold a range of masterclasses where you’ll be given individual advice and bespoke training from working professionals to help you develop your employability skills. Masterclasses focus on key topics within business, helping you to grow your knowledge base and have a better understanding of how professional and financial services works.  Recent masterclasses have included:

  • Financing renewable energy
  • Dealing with Data: Careers in STEM
  • Apprenticeships in Law: What is the new paralegal apprenticeship?
  • LinkedIn: How to get the most out of it



Our networking events are a great way to meet new people and build your professional network. You’ll meet top employers, talent scouts and like-minded people. By speaking with professionals, you’ll find out about the entry routes into a variety of sectors and what skills and experience you’ll need. And you never know what employment opportunities may arise as the result of a conversation.

Interested in accessing these opportunities? Make sure you sign up here.

  • The staff at The Brokerage are tremendously good at supporting their candidates. I felt really comfortable whenever asking for advice and always had quick replies to my emails. The team truly is selfless in their work and I can’t thank them enough – these opportunities have been incredible.

    Brokerage Intern