Corporate Changemakers

Join us to break the corporate mould, and create an environment where all talent can flourish.

Corporate Changemakers

We are passionate about breaking the corporate mould, and creating an environment where all talent can flourish.

It’s time to break the mould…

Our Vision

To be part of a
changing world

To talk about social
mobility and race in
your organisation

To represent your
customers and your

To welcome the best
talent, irrespective of
background, into
professional jobs

To change, to empower,
to win

the brokerage

We can

Help you connect to
youth voice

Help you talk about
race and social

Help you
understand how
it feels

Provide you with the
tools and processes
to change

Help you be accountable
and realise long term

  • I saw a clear improvement in myself from the introduction to graduation of the mentoring programme as I was able to relax more and begin to enjoy networking.

    Brokerage Mentee