Pauline vs. 21k – the Royal Parks Edition in support of The Brokerage

Hello everyone,

On 13th October, I will be taking part in the Royal Parks Half Marathon, raising money in support of The Brokerage, a charity I work very closely with as part of my involvement in the CSR Committee at my company Acuris.

The Brokerage is a City of London-based social mobility charity connecting young Londoners and employers. For over 20 years, they have been helping young people from London’s state schools access experiences of work, employability skills and jobs through partnerships with employers.

The Brokerage’s mission is to work with disadvantaged young people to raise awareness, develop skills and create access to financial professional and related services with the aims of increasing social mobility and diversity in the workplace. My goal is to help tackle some of the issues that have been plaguing London’s young population in the last few years.

I have been a Londoner for 4 years now, and this wonderful city has given me more opportunities that I could ever dream of – career, friendships, and a lot of late nights …. All in all incredible memories and experiences that have contributed to making the person I am today. I have now decided it was time to put my short legs and big determination to work to give back, and hopefully create a small but impactful change on the local community.

Any donations, beyond earning you my eternal gratitude (and probably a drink or two in a bar someday – on me obviously), will contribute greatly to The Brokerage’s initiatives for creating a fairer environment for all Londoners to thrive in.

Thanks a million in advance,

P xxx

  • I can truly say that The Brokerage has made all the difference in shaping my career into what it is today.

    Brokerage Intern