Celebrating Small Charity Week

Happy Small Charity Week, a week dedicated to recognising and celebrating the fantastic work of small charities throughout the country!

We thought this week was the perfect chance to find out why our team like working for a small charity. Let’s see what some of our team had to say…

I like working for The Brokerage which, whilst small in size, is big in ambition for our beneficiaries – students from disadvantaged backgrounds.  There is no better reason for coming to work than to see a bright young person who is lacking in confidence when they register with us transform into an articulate, skilled and focused individual at the end of a series of employability skills interventions.
Bridget, executive director

“I enjoy how varied my role can be here at The Brokerage and working with different departments to meet the charity’s objectives. I don’t believe I would have had this exposure in a larger charity.” 
Donjeta, administrator 

“The work we do impacts on local communities and increases diversity in City professions. One of the highlights of my role is being involved in upskilling future talent and providing opportunities for young people to excel.”
Masruba, programme manager

I love working for a small charity! The wonderful thing about working for a small charity is the variety of things you can get involved in, my job title says one thing but it doesn’t cover ALL the different things I do. Working in a small team means we know each other well, it’s really easy to turn to the person next to you or walk across the office to have a conversation and make something happen really quickly. There’s little room for hierarchy, when something important needs to be done and all hands are needed, we roll our sleeves up and help each other out.
Melissa, head of programmes

I love it because every person makes a huge difference!”
Rosa, head of partnerships

I chose to work in a charity because I want to make a difference. Working in a small charity means that you can see up close the difference we make for our beneficiaries. It also means that when our beneficiaries’ needs change we are small enough to change quickly and make sure we’re helping them in the best way. You only need to persuade a few people to get things changed. Larger organisations just can’t be as agile or efficient.
Tom, senior programme manager

There is always so much going on, even in a small charity. It’s great to work in a small team because everyone gets involved with whatever is happening and really supports one another. When the office is small it’s really easy for the team to share success stories of our beneficiaries too which is great for motivation, especially on a Monday!”
Jo, marketing and communications manager

  • The Brokerage provide life changing opportunities. They enabled me to gain a firm foundation for personal growth and I’m still discovering ways The Brokerage inspired me.

    Brokerage Intern