Volunteering at the ‘Making a Good Application’ Masterclass at The Brokerage Easter Bootcamp, Thu 7 April 2022

Volunteering Opportunities for The Brokerage Easter Bootcamp, (Thursday 7 April 2022)

The Brokerage Online Bootcamp is an intensive programme aimed at sixth form students (aged 16 to 18) and university students. Comprised of three consecutive days (5-7 April 2022), content for the programme is specifically designed to develop students’ employability skills in self-awareness, team-work, attitude and communication, as well as their knowledge of the FPRS (financial, professional and related services) sector. Students taking part have all chosen to do so and already have an interest in FPRS career.

Using the links below, you can sign up to volunteer at the ‘Making a Good Application’ Masterclass on Day Three of The Brokerage Easter Bootcamp on Thursday 7 April.

A link to volunteer brief with further information is also included. Please read these for the full details.

Please note the forms below can be used to express interest for the volunteering session. Please be aware that sometimes sessions are over-subscribed due to limited number of places. We will be in touch to confirm your place.

Making a Good Application Masterclass on Thu 7 April, 1-2pm

This activity will focus on developing students’ knowledge of recruitment practices, designed to give students an understanding into making a good job application, and what employers look for in candidates. Volunteers will be required for an one-hour slot (1-2pm).

Click here to view the volunteer brief for Making a Good Application Masterclass

Click here to sign up for Making a Good Application Masterclass

Thank you in advance for volunteering and we look forward to working with you.

  • Just wanted to let know the online mentoring sessions have been amazing and it’s been very helpful so far. Also, I wanted to thank you for setting this programme up! It’s honestly been great and I’m very thankful you’ve been able to help me and others ease into this program the way you have.

    Waseem, YP Online Mentee