Work experience with The Brokerage

Work experience with The Brokerage

We were delighted to welcome two Year 10 students for work experience in recent weeks. Here’s what they had to say about their experience!

Silviu, Dagenham Park Church of England School

My week of work experience was absolutely amazing. I met lots of very kind people who helped me with everything. I still cannot believe that I got this opportunity.

Travelling into the City for the first day was a little bit challenging, and I now realise the importance of knowing the exact route to avoid getting lost!

The experience has helped me to understand different things like, how to communicate in a different environment and how to best work in a team.

I’ve been able to test my confidence so I can be ready in the future, along with other important skills that I’ll need.

The workshops I attended were fantastic and I got to work with different people from Year 6 all the way to Sixth Form.

My week of work experience ended with a presentation at The Brokerage, reflecting on my time there. This was interesting as I was able to use the skills I’d picked up throughout the week, but also challenging as I had to present in front of The Brokerage team.

I’m thrilled that I was able to create a CV. I’ve never had one before and so it was a great opportunity to kick-start my future.

Che, St. Augustine’s CofE High School

I had an excellent week at The Brokerage. It was eye-opening, interesting, and helped me gain a better understanding of what the workplace is really like.

One thing I’ve found is that the City is not all doom and gloom like I thought it might be. It turns out that the people who sit behind computers in these offices are not robots, and they do smile!

I was able to help out at The Brokerage’s aspiration-raising workshops, which enabled me to meet people my own age and older – people I wouldn’t otherwise have spoken to.

I helped out at three different workshops during the week, the first being in Bishops Square with Societe Generale. I assisted with multiple tasks throughout the day and got to talk to some of the volunteers who worked in the building, helping me better understand what employers look for in an employee.

The second workshop was with HFW in Friary Court where we had 24 Year 8 students taking part. They stunned me with their interest and maturity, putting forward innovative ideas for the strange inventions they had to present to the rest of the room.

I would like avoid a situation where I’m called ‘Sir’ again though, because that did make me feel old!

My final workshop was at Sidley Austin’s offices, helping with a workshop where the participating students were older than me. It was a little daunting at first, but I did actually enjoy the experience.

The experience has helped me develop useful skills that’ll help me present myself to companies and other people in the future.

I’ve been able to develop my CV and interview skills, and being asked questions by employees at the workshops really helped me think about my personal brand too and what I can offer to an employer.

This week has helped me further my ability to talk to new people, something I have never been particularly comfortable with, but I’ve come to realise that not knowing everything is ok and nobody is perfect.

I’m glad I had the opportunity to work at The Brokerage. It has helped me to further my skills, recognise my strengths, such as my memory, and identify areas of development, such as my ability to talk to others.

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