About us
For 20 years, The Brokerage Citylink has been building links between the employers in London's financial districts and the local communities surrounding them. We have introduced tens of thousands of young Londoners to City careers and helped thousands to access actual career opportunities.

Our vision

A world where a young person’s ability and aspiration alone determine their career path...

What we do

We are a charity that helps Londoners from state schools access experiences of work, employability skills and jobs through our partnerships with employers.

Our mission is to work with young people to raise aspirations, create access and provide opportunities within financial and professional services to achieve diversity in the workplace.

Please click here to view our current strategic plan.

Why we do it

Despite being one of the world’s biggest financial centres, London’s financial districts are surrounded by areas of severe deprivation, disadvantage and income inequality.

At the same time, the diversity of the workforce within business and finance is not reflective of the local communities it serves, in terms of gender, ethnicity and
socio-economic background

Our impact

Impact Report 2016 web version.pdfTo read our 2016 Impact Report, click here.

This report highlights our key successes from 2016 and showcases the impact The Brokerage has had in raising aspirations, creating access and achieving diversity for young people from London's state schools.

For information about our work and our income please see our Annual Report & Accounts 2016/17.

Over 9,000

young people participated in our programmes and activities in 2016

BAME backgrounds

91% of candidates joining us last year were from BAME backgrounds

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