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Our Changemaker Services

We know that the young people we work with are talented, ambitious and hard-working and possess many of the skills that have been identified by employers as crucial for future business success. However, any examination of business diversity data highlights that something is holding them and young people from similar underrepresented backgrounds, back from matching the success of their more economically privileged and White peers in professional industries.

This is where our Changemaker Services come in – helping businesses to shift their perspective and consider how they can address the internal practices and cultures that are inadvertently disadvantaging both themselves and working class and ethnically minoritised young people. The services, which have been developed and tested with several corporates over the past two years, cover a range of diversity and inclusion issues related to social mobility and early careers and there are products that will suit organisations at different stages of their diversity and inclusion journey.

The full details of these services include:

  • Social Mobility 101 Workshop – an introduction to social mobility, suitable for organisations and colleagues wishing to understand more about the impact of socio-economic background and class and how it relates to the wider diversity and inclusion agenda.
  • Experiential Workshop – The purpose of this workshop is to provide a deep understanding of some of the challenges and barriers that our young people, and others from underrepresented communities, face when navigating corporate careers, using insights from Brokerage Candidates past and present.
  • Inclusive Leadership Course – This senior leadership programme aims to better equip C-suite leaders and their teams to lead change on the diversity and inclusion agenda in their organisations and thus become Changemakers in their sectors and industries. The course incorporates a unique guided reverse mentoring element that gives you access to honest insights from The Brokerage’s Young Leaders and provides a disruptive learning experience that will support senior leaders in further honing their leadership styles and provide practical solutions that can be taken back into your business.
  • HR Youth Focus Group – We know that the group best placed to help businesses understand what young people from diverse backgrounds want and need to access and thrive in your organisations are the young people themselves. The Brokerage’s Changemaker Young Leaders are a diverse group of young people aged 16-25, who, facilitated by us, can offer their invaluable perspective on a range of organisational practices and policies.

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