Your donation will provide young people with a wide programme of support and development to gain access to professional careers.

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Fewer than 20% of people working in higher level professions such as law, management consultancy or financial management are working class and racially minoritised individuals hold just 10% of top management roles in the in the UK private sector (only 1.5% are held by Black employees). Furthermore, once in post, employees from lower socio-economic backgrounds take 25% longer to progress, despite no evidence of poorer performance.

That’s the problem, how can we fix it?

As a social mobility charity working with young people from working class backgrounds, 90% of whom are also from a racially minoritized background, we are perfectly placed to help address this imbalance. Drawing on our 25 history of working in the City, we know there are a number of issues contributing to the challenge faced by businesses working to fix the problem:

  • How do you access talented individuals from working class and racially diverse backgrounds?
  • How do you bring these individuals into your business and help them progress?

This is where our fund comes in and your donation will help us to talent spot future leaders early on (via our partnerships with schools and Universities) and help equip them with the foundations they need to progress onto our established Young Leaders Programme, which we will also be extending to support up to 80 young people each year. In addition we plan to use funds to help us create more opportunities for our Candidates who are early on in their careers (including those in apprenticeships and graduate roles), so that they can continue to access support and opportunities that will help them to succeed and progress to the next stage of their career.

What will your donation be spent on?

  • Talent spotting during our schools and University outreach activities – identifying those individuals who have innate leadership potential at an early stage
  • Growing the pipeline for our established Young Leaders Programme from 25 to 80 individuals
  • Sourcing leadership coaching and masterclasses
  • Sourcing C suite internship and work experience opportunities
  • Establishing networking and continued professional development opportunities for our early careers Candidates

In addition to corporate donations (minimum amount is £2,500), we are delighted to now be receiving donations from individual sponsors. An individual donation of £500 supports one young person with an enhanced package of digitally enabled one-to-one support, including mentoring and masterclasses with City employers. A donation of £5000 will support TEN young people.

Whether you are a corporate or individual sponsor, you will join a community of funders that we will keep updated with all Fund developments and the achievements of our young people.

  • Thank you Tom for all the hard work you have put into this, it has made a significant difference to our students, especially some of our lower ability kids who have unfortunate life problems. It truly is an inspiration to work alongside The Brokerage.

    Reed Smith Mentor