Senior Young Leaders

Meet the exceptional Young Leaders who are supporting the next generation of Brokerage Young Leaders.

Our Senior Young Leaders are individuals who have participated in the Young Leader programme for over a year, demonstrating exceptional dedication to supporting and advancing our mission at The Brokerage while honing their own leadership skills for the future.

Committed to making a positive impact on their communities and effecting meaningful change, these experienced Young Leaders now give back to the programme. They serve as mentors to new young leaders, ensuring a seamless transition and providing valuable guidance as they begin their own journeys toward making a difference.

Senior Young Leaders will continue to enrich the programme by hosting in-person masterclasses, aiding our Changemaker work, and actively engaging in our recently established Youth Council.

Aadil Sonvadi

Ammi Mulugeta

Billy     Huang

Dhruti  Alaiya

Edna  Bannor

Efetobore Efemini

Elizabet Ciochina

Emily    Emiru

Ishika     Noor

Kizrene Dodo

Michaela  Sey

default woman

Nita Adebodun

Sade  Walters

Sahra       Faqi

Sam      Kenna

Sarah Ahmed

Sean Ogundipe

Sophie Washbrook

Sultan Adeshina

Vandan Somani

Zahra Ali

  • I have learned to adapt my approach with differing individuals based on their learning style or how how they prefer to grasp understanding of something new.

    Brokerage Mentor