What We Do

We offer our award-winning programmes for young people and innovative services for employers

What We Do

We run a range of award winning programmes for young people and innovative services for employers to help create an environment where a young person’s ability and aspiration alone determine their career path.

Our Programmes

Outreach WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? School and University outreach to educate young people about the corporate world, and encourage the recruitment of new candidates to The Brokerage. Our outreach can also assists schools to meet the government careers benchmarks.
Academy WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? Programmes that help our registered candidates develop their careers knowledge and support them to access successful careers across a range of professional sectors, including in finance, technology, law and other highly-skilled industries. 
Placements WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? Opportunities for our young people to access a range of entry-level professional roles, including paid internships, apprenticeships, school leaver and graduate schemes. .
Changemaker WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? A suite of unique diversity and inclusion/learning and development services developed using insights gathered from our 25 years of experience of working with young people and corporates to help shift mindsets and create meaningful change within organisations.


  • I saw a clear improvement in myself from the introduction to graduation of the mentoring programme as I was able to relax more and begin to enjoy networking.

    Brokerage Mentee