Young people who complete Brokerage internships are 1.75 times more likely to secure a professional job in financial, professional and related services (FPRS).

That was the headline from an analysis conducted by Sainsbury’s analysts as part of the Sainsbury’s Data Philanthropy programme in Autumn 2023.

They compared career destinations of 424 people who completed Brokerage programmes with a control group of 234. They discovered that our internships increase the likelihood of getting a professional job in FPRS 1.75 times and that completing any of our programmes (including mentorships and learning events) increased that likelihood by 1.5 times. Young women who complete Brokerage programmes are 85% more likely to secure professional roles than young women from comparable backgrounds.

“Talent is equally distributed but opportunity is not. The Brokerage gave me access to opportunities that I otherwise would not have had”Ama A – Brokerage Alumni

Brokerage interns are 1.75 times more likely to secure a professional job:


Brokerage candidates are 1.5 times more likely to secure a professional job:


Female candidates are 85% more likely to secure a professional job:


Success stories – our alumni

This long term analysis chimes with the feedback from our alumni, who highlight the importance of completing internships to their career destinations. Across the country, the story is different, with young people from more privileged backgrounds being 60% more likely to secure professional employment than those from lower socioeconomic backgrounds.

“The Brokerage Internship was my first internship – it was an opportunity I wouldn’t have had otherwise. That extended period internship gave me a genuine insight into the industry. It showed me little things like how people dress and interact, as well as the day to day expectations of the role. Even going into Lloyds of London to see the place. All of that was really helpful. The Brokerage really set me up.” Anthony M – Brokerage Alumni

Outcomes this year

In 2022/23 3863 young people (who we call Brokerage Candidates) took part in our programmes, including 1527 taking part in outreach events and 2336 accessing our Academy services, by using resources or attending events online and in person. 76% reported an increase in their skills and knowledge. At the beginning of their year 45% of candidates had secured work experience relevant to their career aims. By the end of the year, 85% had secured such work experience. This included 115 candidates placed directly with our partner companies in internships, work experience, vocational traineeships and full time roles.

The aim of this work is to help young people develop their knowledge and skills and build their work experience portfolio so they are ready to make a successful transition from education into a professional career.

We measure skills and knowledge using our Skills Mapper framework, which includes CVs and cover letters, Applications and Interviews, Personal Brand, Self-awareness, Commercial awareness, Business communications and Sector Knowledge.

Candidates reporting an increase in skills and knowledge:


Secured work experience relevant to their career aims:


Placed directly with Brokerage partner companies:


Success stories – Young people

This year, 846 candidates worked with us to develop their ‘Brokerage Essentials’, the key skills from our Skills Mapper framework that we believe will help them become workplace-ready. 

468 candidates completed their Brokerage essentials, becoming ‘Brokerage Advanced’ and beginning to work with us on more advanced skills.

115 were placed directly with our partner companies.

“The placement has been incredibly rewarding – I have learnt so much about the insurance industry, ESG,corporate life, networking and just what’s out there. Thanks to the Brokerage, I could get an internship at a company I truly admire and get an insight into a career sector which I’m interested in pursuing after I graduate. I’ve made long-term friends, built my knowledge, communication skills and technical skills and I have a clearer idea of my career plans thanks to the Brokerage and Fidelis!” – Salma S – Brokerage intern

  • The Lloyd’s IntoWork Mentoring programme could not have picked a more suited pair to work together. We learnt a lot from each other over the months of the programme and have since established a firm friendship that has and will continue to extend into the future.

    Brokerage Mentor