The first week of my internship at TSB

My internship with TSB

It’s finally arrived – the first week of working in the Square Mile, or the City of London as it’s otherwise known.

Welcome to my blog where I will take you through my journey of working at TSB. My name is Priyanka and, like the rest of the team, I’ve finally finished the lengthy exam period of A-levels *gives a sigh of relief*.

So, we are all here at TSB thanks to The Brokerage, a charity that has been helping young people gain experiences of work, employability skills and jobs for over 20 years, through its partnerships with employers. I am so thankful for crossing paths with The Brokerage, because if I hadn’t, I would not be sitting at a desk with a beautiful view writing this blog on a laptop that I was given for the duration of this internship.

A selfie with my team at TSB

Who am I? Well that’s a good question.

My name is Priyanka Mistry and I’ve just finished college, just like the other interns taking part in this amazing adventure.

I was so brave after I finished GCSE’s that I decided to take maths, biology and chemistry for A-levels. However, I am happy to say that I survived those lengthy exams and proud that I made it! After doing all the sciences, I have now decided I would like to pursue a career in finance. You can’t imagine what I went through to make that huge decision! But with that all said, I am extremely happy I’ve made that change. With the work experience I’ve had in that field, I feel I have made the right decision.

So what brought us all together and who do we have to thank for that? The answer is very simple. The Brokerage. So let’s all take a minute to really embrace how lucky we are to be a part of their 2019 internship programme and to be sitting in our wheelie chairs at a desk in the middle of the City.

*a minute later*

I truly mean it when I say that words cannot describe my appreciation of coming into contact with The Brokerage. I am so grateful to experience and be a part of their amazing events.

Well, that’s a short summary about me and why we are here. Stay tuned for more.

The first few days in the office have surprised me – the environment, the people, the atmosphere. It’s surreal, all the colleagues here are incredibly friendly, kind and, most importantly, they’ve been welcoming.

I settled in very quickly and feel very privileged to have my own work laptop. It just adds to the experience and makes me feel like a professional.

So what do I do here? I am a part of the Product and Digital team at TSB. So far I’ve been given a few different assignments to complete, some of which include research, gathering data to further my knowledge within this field, producing PowerPoint presentations, which have been used in meetings, and analyses of daily and weekly sales presented in spreadsheet and graphs.

With my team at TSB

So it’s been a very productive week, from attending meetings in The Leadenhall Building (aka “The Cheese Grater”) to sitting in conference meetings with the economist at TSB and viewing forecasts.

In conclusion, I am extremely happy with the people I work with and the assignments that I’ve been set , and I can already tell that the next eight weeks are going to fly by. You know what they say, time flies when you are having fun!

That’s it from me this week, but keep an eye out for my next blog post ??   

Written by Pryianka Mistry

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  • I can truly say that The Brokerage has made all the difference in shaping my career into what it is today.

    Brokerage Intern