Che Nabeta, ESG Analyst, Sustainable Fitch

What is your current role?

My current job title is ESG Analyst. Essentially, my role is to look into the environmental, social & governance profile of businesses and also the features of the social, green and sustainable bonds that they issue. I then produce a report on our findings which includes numerical scores across these factors. 

How did you get there?

I was supported by the Brokerage to gain internships at EY (3 weeks in the summer of year 12, as part of their Smart Futures Programme), Royal Bank of Canada (7 weeks in year 13) and finally Erste Group (10 months as part of my gap year).

I then went on to study Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge. A big factor in me gaining the confidence to apply there was my interactions with the mentors I met on my internships who helped demystify the process and even offered me some mock interviews. 

Since completing my studies in 2018, I have worked in the sustainable finance space and have been working at Sustainable Fitch for the last 8 months having previously worked for a fintech company that invested in early stage environmental and social projects.

How did The Brokerage help?

I don’t think I could have accessed the sort of experiences and internships I did without the help of The Brokerage. From what I can recall there were more schemes focused at the university level but I can only remember a few which provided such opportunities to 6th formers. The Brokerage specifically came into my school and encouraged a group of us to apply. That was a big help. At that time in my life, my friends and I might not have had the follow through or perspective to see the opportunity for what it was. So having people support and encourage you throughout the process was important. I would say The Brokerage brought the opportunity to us and then proceeded to encourage us all the way.

  • I can truly say that The Brokerage has made all the difference in shaping my career into what it is today.

    Brokerage Intern