Our Funders

The Brokerage thrives thanks to the foundational support from two esteemed livery companies: The Worshipful Company of International Bankers (WCIB) and the Worshipful Company of Insurers (WCI).

These partnerships have been instrumental in funding programmes at The Brokerage that offer financial literacy, career development, volunteers and work opportunities to over 8,000 under-resourced young people annually. WCIB and WCI’s contributions, both financial and through mentorship, exemplify their commitment to fostering talent and ensuring that success in the financial and insurance sectors is accessible to all, regardless of background.

The Worshipful Company of Bankers

Fellowship – The WCIB provides a forum for like-minded
professionals and a conduit for participation in the City
of London’s ancient traditions.  This transcends networking,
fostering the comradeship that drives the Company’s
important charitable and educational work.

The Brokerage is one of the WCIB’s valued
charity affiliations:
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The Worshipful Company of Insurers

WCI are passionate about promoting and
developing excellence and diversity in the UK insurance
industry while supporting the wider community
through charitable and educational initiatives.
They proudly support the Lord Mayor and
play a full role in the City Civic.

The Brokerage is one of the WCI’s valued charity affiliations:
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A shared vision of inclusivity. 

Tom, Head of Impact and Insights at The Brokerage, underscores the transformative impact of WCIB’s support. Unlike short-term funding cycles, WCIB’s sustained commitment has allowed The Brokerage to innovate, trial new approaches, and, ultimately, create lasting change. The partnership between WCIB and The Brokerage exemplifies the importance of long-term collaboration in driving meaningful societal impact.

Peter Green – Chair of Charity Education and Committee at the WCIB, said:

“There’s a wealth of experience in our company and the ability to share that experience back with people who are younger in their careers and to allow them to understand the industry, to be more informed when they go for interviews, to have a context around the jobs they are applying to – all of that allows people to who don’t come from a professional background to compete on slightly more level playing field, than those that do. And that’s what social mobility is all about – giving equal opportunity to everyone.”

View the video below that highlights the partnership with the WCIB:

If you are interested in working with The Brokerage, please contact Susheel Padda at Susheel.padda@thebrokerage.org.uk OR Lydia Edwards at lydia.edwards@thebrokerage.org.uk


  • Just wanted to let know the online mentoring sessions have been amazing and it’s been very helpful so far. Also, I wanted to thank you for setting this programme up! It’s honestly been great and I’m very thankful you’ve been able to help me and others ease into this program the way you have.

    Waseem, YP Online Mentee