Elizabeth’s week at The Brokerage

During my work experience at The Brokerage, I have acquired more valuable knowledge about the realities of a working life in a single week than I ever thought possible.

Day 1
I was quite cautious as I did not know what to expect. Nevertheless, everyone was extremely welcoming and funny, some funnier than others…

I was able to partake in an ‘Introduction to Working Life’ workshop at UBS in which the CEO attended and a number of other successful employees who worked within the company. I was given the opportunity to ask them numerous questions about their occupation, how they got to where they are and how they balance such a busy lifestyle.

One thing I found interesting about the session was the fact that the majority of them enjoy meeting the variety of people they come into contact with in their role. Moreover, they explained that having a true passion for the particular job they do contributes to their happiness in the workplace.

Day 2
Today I attended a workshop at a law firm. From this I learnt that there are several types of lawyers that each specialise in different areas. I was also able to see where they completed their paperwork. I recognised that organisational skills were an essential attribute for them to have or their papers could easily be mixed up.

Day 3 
I went to another workshop that was very informative, interactive and interesting. In this ‘Working in the City’ workshop I learnt how to respond effectively in an interview scenario and how to carry myself the minute I enter the building.  Additionally, this helped me to establish my strengths and any areas of improvement. I learnt a lot about how to present myself when questioned in an interview.

Day 4 
I remained in the office all day on Thursday, completing my final tasks and writing my CV to help me gain future experience of work.

The entire experience has been astounding, I am truly so grateful for this whole opportunity and appreciate all the skills and knowledge I have developed.

Day 5
Similar to my first day except that I was slightly more engaged. More of the volunteers spoke to me, which helped me to understand the particular subjects that could lead to certain career paths.

I personally believe every teenager deserves to have this kind of experience. I was placed in such a positive atmosphere and with such pleasant people. It has changed my overall mind-set from a fixed mind-set to a growth mind-set in under a week and has entirely altered my view of my future. I realised there are so many more opportunities out there than I realised.

Elizabeth Ogunyanwo, Year 10 work experience student

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  • Just wanted to let know the online mentoring sessions have been amazing and it’s been very helpful so far. Also, I wanted to thank you for setting this programme up! It’s honestly been great and I’m very thankful you’ve been able to help me and others ease into this program the way you have.

    Waseem, YP Online Mentee