Office etiquette

Starting a placement or job in an office can feel a little daunting. Here are seven quick tips to help you settle in:

  1. Dress for success
    Dress appropriately for the job that you are about to do and the industry you are in.
  2. Relax
    Be aware of your nervous habits and how best to manage them.
  3. Be confident
    Show your colleagues that you deserve to be there.
  4. Be innovative
    From day one, confirm that you bring something new to the table. Be there to contribute or volunteer for tasks and projects.
  5. Separate your personal life from your and professional life
    Once settled in, avoid making personal calls, sending personal emails or taking long lunch breaks. Show that you are dedicated to your new job and that you want to be there.
  6. Communicate
    Speak up and ask questions, make suggestions and periodically check in with your manager.
  7. Challenge yourself
    Set goals for yourself and see how you fit into the working environment.

Read insights into office life from our candidates Matthew Jakob and Nadia Mensah.

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