Responding to Change: Launching Our New Direction

Our society and our world of work is at a turning point.

Over the last six months it has become even more evident that deep-rooted inequalities exist across all facets of our society including the workplace and our education system, against a backdrop of a global health pandemic and significant and crucial race debates. There is now a real sense that the world is ready for change.

As a social mobility charity, The Brokerage is in the fortunate position to influence change in a positive, practical and meaningful way, working with underprivileged young people from state schools. We partner with corporates in the City who want our help with building a different talent pool and changing organisational practices to create a culture where people from all backgrounds can thrive and be themselves.

For the nearly 25 years The Brokerage has achieved great success in delivering high quality programmes with young people, seeing over 83,000 young people taking part. In doing so we have gathered a huge amount of insights about the aspirations of young people from diverse backgrounds and corporate behaviours. As a result, and against the backdrop of a changing societal picture, we have spent time and effort over the last few months innovating and transforming. We have worked hard to develop a proposition that supports the change-making intentions of corporates which in turn will impact even more of our young people.

We truly believe that for us to deliver on our vision, we need to both support our young people but also work with employers to help develop and grow a culture where any person can bring their whole self to work. With our new partnership model, we will work with employers to understand how they recruit and develop less advantaged young talent and provide solutions to help our partners better connect with the youth voice, and welcome talent irrespective of background.

This is a transformational time for The Brokerage, and today we are delighted in the clarity of our strategic direction which we can share with you today, all supported by a new look and feel.

Our Vision hasn’t changed, but in this changing world we need to be bolder, more agile, and recognise that working with both young people and employers together is the key to positive, practical change.

Join us in our mission – Together we are Changemakers

  • The Lloyd’s IntoWork Mentoring programme could not have picked a more suited pair to work together. We learnt a lot from each other over the months of the programme and have since established a firm friendship that has and will continue to extend into the future.

    Brokerage Mentor