The Brokerage Youth Voice Surveys

The Brokerage Youth Voice Surveys

The COVID-19 national lockdown caused a major interruption in students learning (and likely an unequal one) as schools were temporarily closed down, examinations cancelled and results predicted rather than achieved. School closures impact not only students, teachers, and families but have far-reaching social and economic consequences.

In light of this, The Brokerage created the Youth Voice Survey to understand how the current situation affected our young people’s attitudes and aspirations, but we also realised we have the ability to create a virtuous circle with the insights we gather.  These two insightful surveys have shown us so much about how our young people have been affected by two critical issues, and by us continuing to gather such insights, we will be able to further inform and support the social mobility agenda.

The first survey was carried out in April, where 107 young people (aged 16-19) responded about how they were feeling during the start of the current crisis. We asked a range of questions from asking young people about their access to internet and to a quiet working place to how they felt about their studies and work experience opportunities.



The second survey was carried out in August/September and focussed on A-level results. As no exams took place in summer 2020 due to COVID-19 and following the government U-turn regarding using teacher assessments above the grades algorithm, our young people expressed much frustration, confusion and uncertainty. This survey looked to understand how the grades algorithm and subsequent U-turn had affected our young people, what further support they needed as a result of this, and their overall feelings towards the grading situation. 117 Year 13 candidates responded to the survey and The Brokerage implemented various forms of support in response to their feedback.


  • The Lloyd’s IntoWork Mentoring programme could not have picked a more suited pair to work together. We learnt a lot from each other over the months of the programme and have since established a firm friendship that has and will continue to extend into the future.

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