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My week of work experience at The Brokerage

From 8th until 12th July I was placed at The Brokerage for a week of work experience. Here is a snapshot of my week with the charity.

I was very nervous about meeting everyone because I didn’t know what their first impression of me would be. So that I could get to know everyone in the team a little bit, I was given a game to play called human bingo, where I had to learn facts about individuals in the office. This enabled me to have more open conversations with people, instead of me giving one word answers. 

In the afternoon I went to Salesforce where The Brokerage was hosting a workshop for Year 10 students. I had a great time and I learnt a lot about the sectors of technology, insurance, accountancy, corporate law and banking. I also learnt how to develop interview skills to help me in the future.

On my second day I went with Tom and Oris, members of The Brokerage team, to Deustche Bank where a workshop was being held for a different school. It was great fun because I got to interact with people I had not met before. I loved playing the trading game because it was very competitive.

Wednesday was another really good day. The first thing I did was help the education team with an admin task, which put my excel skills to the test.

We also had another very good workshop, this time held at law firm Reed Smith. I really liked the way we were welcomed by the firm, and at this point I felt I had improved my team working skills and, as a result, felt more confident around people I didn’t know. I was able to have a conversation with them, something I didn’t feel comfortable with before.

On my second to last day I went to Validis, which is small company compared with some of the others, but I still had a good time. I got to play the trading game again, but unfortunately didn’t win. Through the workshop I found out about the different career options that are available to me after my GCSEs, which was really useful. 

On my final day with The Brokerage I had to prepare for my end of placement presentation, which I would present to the whole team. I feel my presentation went really well because everyone in the office was super supportive and nice. It also got a few laughs, in the right places, which was nice.

Overall I have enjoyed my time with The Brokerage and learnt a lot about the city and what goes on within it. The team made me feel very welcome and it’s a shame I had to leave.

The workshops were a good opportunity for to explore the types of jobs I could pursue in the future, whilst my time in the office helped me develop my computer skills.

Written by Ange-Marie, Year 10 student

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