An innovative, integrated digital programme to help inspire, develop and support over 200 of the most disadvantaged, talented young people. Comprised of four core components including online mentoring and masterclasses, the Academy has been designed to support our young people build credibility and confidence in a changing digital world, and navigate the employment landscape post Covid-19. 

At the heart of the Academy is our innovative assessment process, the STACK framework, which allows us to assess a young person’s Self-awareness, Teamwork, Attitude, Communication and Knowledge. Either through self-assessment or working with one of our staff, our young people answer questions about their knowledge and transferable skills allowing us to pinpoint the areas where they most need our help.

What’s new?

  • Flagship online mentoring programme aligned to our STACK framework
  • Sector-specific webinars and masterclasses
  • Social media engagement programme
  • Community network building
  • Enhanced 121 support aligned to STACK


The Academy 

Designed to support our young people in a post Covid-19 world, the four components of our Academy combine well-tested Brokerage programmes with innovative new content to ensure our young people have the relevant skills and expertise.  Following STACK assessment, our young people join relevant components ensuring a personal and needs-based approach with four components.

2020 Academy Graduation:  

Students who meet the relevant criteria will graduate from the Generation 2020 Academy, meaning they will have developed their knowledge and skills and be better placed to successfully secure work experience and internship placements. They will also become part of an alumni community who are further supported by The Brokerage throughout their professional careers.

Our corporate partners

Key to the success of our programmes are our corporate partners who play an essential role in the development and delivery of our Generation 2020 Academy.  In addition to the generous donations that lead to the creation of the Academy, corporate partners regularly dedicate their time to taking part in masterclasses, webinars and mentoring to ensure our candidates gain an in-depth understanding of professional working life.

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  • I have learned to adapt my approach with differing individuals based on their learning style or how how they prefer to grasp understanding of something new.

    Brokerage Mentor