Helping young people to fulfil their potential.

On Sunday 13th October, I’m going to run a half marathon around the Royal Parks of London to raise money for The Brokerage.

This very worthy charity helps young people to achieve their career potential by providing experience of work, employability skills and jobs in financial, professional and related services. Not everyone is as lucky as I was when I started my career.

As I set off on this run around the Royal Parks, I know that I will do my best. I doubt I’ll win it! But I’ll give it my best shot, and that’s as much as I can do. I’d be pretty disappointed to turn up on the day and find that I had to start the race half a mile behind everyone else. That just wouldn’t seem fair.

Well, I believe that everyone should have a decent opportunity to make the most of their lives. What they then make of that opportunity is up to them, but they should at least have a chance. That means everyone lining up on the start line of life together, and that’s what The Brokerage is aiming to achieve.


  • The Lloyd’s IntoWork Mentoring programme could not have picked a more suited pair to work together. We learnt a lot from each other over the months of the programme and have since established a firm friendship that has and will continue to extend into the future.

    Brokerage Mentor