Hosted and produced by The Brokerage Ambassadors this series of podcasts will explore current affairs and the key issues most affecting students from disadvantaged areas.

Our Ambassadors work with us to help shape our programmes and the mission of this podcast which is driven by them is to create an inclusive and innovative space where students can engage in topics that relate to their future. Find out more about our Ambassadors here.



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There will be a new episode uploaded weekly, including discussions on diversity, the impact of exam cancellations and careers in finance and professional services and we hope young people will feel empowered by each episode. It will also be a great opportunity for corporates and partners to hear the perspective of young people on such crucial issues.




Meet the team behind A-Z Talks Podcast:

Diana Hysenaj: Head Organiser
Billy Zi Rong Huang: Head Host
Helin Topoglu: Head Host
Afrin Moumita: Head Editor
Pamela Chirinos: Head of Marketing
Michaela Sey: Co-head of Marketing
Nafizah Islam: Head of Promotions


  • I saw a clear improvement in myself from the introduction to graduation of the mentoring programme as I was able to relax more and begin to enjoy networking.

    Brokerage Mentee