Deborah Igunma in-coming intern at Citi

Age: 21
From: Bexley
Studying: Philosophy at the University of Nottingham
The Brokerage connection: Completed the Momentum Mentoring programme in 2017. Winner of the Business Challenge, securing an internship at Citi for the summer of 2018.

What was your first meeting with your mentor like? 
She was extremely friendly and welcoming. We talked about everything from my ideas for the business challenge, which the programme leads up to, to the traits needed for a career in the financial industry. I came away with the impression that she didn’t just take up the position as a mentor because she had spare time (she was actually extremely busy!) but because she genuinely cared about the personal and career development of women in the workplace.

What surprised you most about the experience of being mentored?
The fact that I could decide the agenda. This surprised me because I had thought that this was something my mentor, as the more senior figure, would control. However, this approach empowered me and helped me to identify the topics I wanted to speak about.

What is your proudest moment from the mentoring programme? 
Delivering my presentation as part of the business challenge final. As the date approached, I was very anxious. However, when I was up there, my fears vanished. It made realise that confidence grows as you do something, not before. I was amazed when I was named one of the two winners! This has led to an internship at Citi which I will complete this summer.

Tell us what you are up to now…
As well as studying for a BA in Philosophy at the University of Nottingham, I am working on turning the idea I had for the business challenge into a reality. My idea is for a social network for entrepreneurs. I’m on the look out for keen, charismatic individuals to join my team – so if you’re interested drop me a line via LinkedIn

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