Maths in the City – Online

Maths in the City – Online

As a result of the pandemic, The Brokerage will be running a series of online programmes to continue supporting our students in developing their employability skills and preparing them for the world of work.

Our Online Gateway Maths in the City Programme gives sixth form students (aged 16-18) access into the corporate workplace, the world of financial, professional and related services (FPRS) and how maths is used in the workplace and how they could apply classroom maths in their future careers.

This will be delivered over a webinar with participants learning about the careers found in London’s financial and business districts, and interact with inspirational employees who will share with them insight into their roles.

This programme is managed and delivered by The Brokerage and provided with kind support from The Nomura Charitable Trust.

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Follow the link to register your interest in workshop opportunities for your students.

  • The Lloyd’s IntoWork Mentoring programme could not have picked a more suited pair to work together. We learnt a lot from each other over the months of the programme and have since established a firm friendship that has and will continue to extend into the future.

    Brokerage Mentor